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KB1115 - Using Moodle Course ID
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by John Love on 14 June 2018 12:56 PM

Every Moodle course shell has a unique identifier, called a Moodle Course ID.  This course ID is attached to the end of the URL of the main page of your course. 

This course's Moodle Course ID is 3420, as shown here, circled in red:

Moodle Course ID Example

(See video at the bottom of this article)

Knowing your Moodle course ID can come in handy. If you can't memorize your Moodle Course IDs (who can??), write them on a post-it note near your computer! smile

Use your Moodle Course ID to identify your course to eLearning Support, when submitting a support ticket or support email. This helps the eLearning Support team find your course quickly, without having to sort through others with similar names and ensures that we are looking at the correct course shell.

If you need to provide the course ID for a course to which you are not yet enrolled, you will need to find it by hovering your mouse over the course link (on any page of Moodle), and looking at the bottom-left of your browser window. You will see a URL similar to this: Again, you can see the id at the end of the URL.

NOTE: As of the fall of 2017, you can now also see your course ID by turning editing on for your course and looking at the large RED number in the Course ID block. 

Here's an ADVANCED tip!  Move from any course page to the equivalent page in another course. For example, this is the URL for the USER page of this course.  Changing the course ID from 3420 to another course ID will take you to the USER page of that other course!  That can save you a lot of clicks!


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