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KB1154 - Tips for Hosting Video on YouTube
Posted by John Love, Last modified by John Love on 16 November 2017 11:06 AM

Many VCC Faculty and Staff use YouTube to host hundreds of videos on a wide variety of topics.

Here are a few tips about using YouTube to host your VCC videos:

  • Don't use your personal YouTube channel to host college-related content. (Mixing work and home channels just leads to confusion).

  • Create a YouTube channel specifically for your department, program, or course, or consult your colleagues and see if one already exists, and if you can use it. Creating a new channel requires creating a new GMail email account, which YouTube uses to communicate with all its users. Keep the account information in a safe place, or ask DL Support to create the account for you (then you'll have a backup if you lose the password).

  • If you don't want the video to be searchable on YouTube or discovered by Google (say you don't want some course-specific procedure to be publicized), you can hide it from the public while still making it available to your Students and your Moodle course. When you upload a video to your Channel, set it to "Unlisted". Similar to an unlisted phone number, only those who have the video's URL or embed code can watch it.

  • Captioning your video makes it accessible to those with hearing challenges. YouTube's auto-captioning has greatly improved in the past couple of years.

  • YouTube provides some handy tools for enhancing the brightness and colour-balance of poorly-lit videos. There are other editing capabilities available at YouTube as well. (You might not even need to use some off-the shelf video editing software.)

  • If you want support with recording, editing, uploading or embedding your video, ask DL Support for help at We can train you on the topics and techniques to make video easier and faster to produce.

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