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KB1118 - Missing Student Accounts on Moodle (Enrollment)
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by Blair Friesen on 14 September 2017 03:45 PM

If you're manually enrolling students into your course and are unable to locate someone by name and/or student ID, it may be because he/she doesn't yet have an existing Moodle account.

In November, 2011, VCC implemented a system whereby new Moodle accounts were generated automatically with 24 hours of a NEW VCC student registering into a course on BANNER.  This process was automated to take place in the wee hours of the morning.  So, as student registering into a course in the middle of the afternoon wouldn't have a Moodle account created until sometime around 3:00am, the next morning. 

This automated process only works for students who obtained a NEW VCC student number as of November, 2011*.  Any accounts which existed before that time do not have a Moodle account created for them.  To create the account, students must log in to Moodle (through myVCC, Online Courses) for the first time.  That process creates the Moodle account which can then be manually enrolled into a course.

Note that there are some situations where the automated system may not have worked as expected. In that case, the same solution as mentioned in the previous paragraph applies.

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