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KB1123 - Obtaining Interpreter Access to a Course
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by John Love on 12 June 2018 04:31 PM

VCC Interpreters require special access* to courses that allows them to view course content but (due to privacy concerns) not access private student information or appear visible to students in a course. A role called "Interpreter" has been created to accommodate this special situation.

Any request for Interpreter access must be submitted to eLSupport by the Interpreting Services Department Supervisor (with a cc: to the Director of Student Services, as well as the Dean of Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research). 

To request access for an Interpreter:

  • Include the Moodle Course ID in the request. For information on how to locate the Moodle Course ID, read KB1115.
  • Ensure the Interpreter has logged into Moodle at least once, to trigger the creation of a Moodle account.
  • Include the Interpreter's full name in the request.
  • Submit your request to the Interpreting Services Department Supervisor who will submit it to eLSupport, with CCs to the two Deans.

Once access is granted, the Interpreter will NOT see the courses appear on his/her own "My Courses" list. Instead, he/she should access the course by searching for it in the course search field.  It can then be bookmarked for easy access in the future.


*Note to eLSupport:  Interpreters should be assigned as "Other users" and not "enrolled" in the standard way.

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