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KB1126 - Assigning the Sign Language Interpreter Role
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by Blair Friesen on 26 October 2017 02:32 PM

Here are the steps to setting up an interpreter so that they have the access they need, but do not appear on the participants list. Currently, this cannot be completed by anyone in a "Teacher" role.  Please contact eLearning Support if you'd like to add an Interpreter to a course.

Before performing these steps, be sure the Director of Student Services has been copied on the request.

1) From the first page of the course requiring access by an interpreter, click on ADMINISTRATION BLOCK/USERS/OTHER USERS.*
2) Click on the [Assign roles] button, near the top right of the screen.
3) In the Search field, type the name of the interpreter. Note that this search field completely sucks and will only work with one name at a time. In other words, it will not find someone if you enter both their first and last name. So pick the least common name and use that. Then use the scroll bar to find the correct person.
4) Once you find the correct person, assign the "Interpreter (Non-participating/Non-editing)" role.
5) Click on the [X] close button of the pop-up.
6) Confirm that the interpreter now appears on the list with the appropriate role assigned to them.
7) Pat yourself on the back, because you're done.

Oh! Don't forget to let the Department Head and the interpreter know that access has been granted, but they will NOT see the courses on the course menus.

Tip: If you have several courses to process, look up their Moodle course ids first. Then, when you finish step 6, just replace the course id in the address bar of the browser, and you won't have to click through everything for each individual course.

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