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KB1156 - Embedding Moodle Help into your web browser
Posted by John Love, Last modified by John Love on 14 June 2018 12:54 PM

Using Firefox's LiveFeed feature, you can put Moodle news or eLearning Support articles into your web browser's toolbar, and keep them right at your fingertips.

Many news and information websites use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to syndicate their content for others to republish. This syndication is created as a file called an RSS Feed. Whenever a web page provides an RSS feed of its content, you'll see an icon that looks something like this:

The cool thing about RSS feeds is that they are dynamic - they automatically update themselves from the publisher's site in real-time, whenever something new is added. In other words, if you subscribed to an RSS feed from a news site, the feed would always refresh for you with new information whenever a breaking news story was published. Through RSS, the publisher feeds their updates to you automatically.

You can probably add an RSS feed to most web browsers or email programs to stay current on information from your favourite sites.
(For example, Microsoft Outlook can subscribe to RSS feeds.)

In this example, we'll use the Firefox web browser, and its LiveFeed feature.

Here are some Moodle-related RSS feeds which you may find useful:

Get News Updates from has an RSS feed for its product news:

Click the RSS icon to see the RSS feed located at

Get News and Article Feeds from eLearning Support

eLearning Support News

The eLearning Support Online site publishes news updates here:

(This news includes Moodle system upgrades, training opportunities, and tips and tricks for Moodle users at VCC.)

eLearning Support KnowledgeBase Articles

The eLearning Support team has written hundreds of how-to articles on using Moodle at VCC. Searching the KnowledgeBase is often better than searching Google for finding answers to VCC-specific Moodle questions.

eLearning Support's Kayako online help system automatically provides RSS feeds for lots of content.

All Moodle Topics:

By clicking on the topic headings, you can narrow down the listings to specific sub-topics.

Known Issues:

Just click the RSS icon on any page to see the RSS feed for a page.

So, once you've found a useful RSS feed to subscribe to, how do you add it to your browser?

(Remember, this is for Firefox only. Read on...)

How to Add an RSS Feed to your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

  • On the page containing the RSS feed you want to add, click the RSS icon:
  • The following page will appear. Make sure the option "Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks" is selected, and then click "Subscribe Now".
  • In the dialog window that appears, you should edit the Name to be more descriptive:

    Also, make sure "Folder" is set to "Bookmarks Toolbar", so the feed will be located in your browser's toolbar.

    Once you've done that, click "Subscribe" to add it to your browser.
  • Now, your browser's bookmarks toolbar has a new drop-down folder, containing links to all the items published by the RSS feed.
    (If you can't see the Bookmarks Toolbar, you can turn it on in Firefox's View menu.)

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