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KB1167 - Granting Guest Access to Your Course
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by John Love on 12 July 2017 11:53 AM

Moodle has a built-in "Guest account". Visitors can log in as guests using the "Login as a guest" button on the login screen and enter any courses which allow guest access.

In addition, logged-in users can enter any courses which allow guest access without being required to enrol. This feature can be handy when you want to let a colleague in to look around at your work, or to let students see a course before they have decided to enrol.

Guests ALWAYS have "read-only" access - meaning they can't leave any posts or otherwise mess up the course for real students.

Guest users cannot:

  • Post in forums
  • Edit wiki pages
  • Participate in a chat
  • Take quizzes or Questionnaire (or Feedback)
  • Submit assignments
  • Add glossary or database activity entries or comments
  • Receive any scores or grades (because of the read-only access)
  • How to Allow Guest Access

To set up Guest Access for your course,

  1. In Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods, enable Guest access by clicking on the "eye" icon or by choosing it in the 'Add method' dropdown menu.
  2. You MUST set a password for the Guest User
  3. Provide your guest with a link to your course as well as the password you just set.  Advise them that they will first see the VCC Moodle Login page and that they should click on the Login as guest button. Once in Moodle, they can use the password provided to enter the course.  Guests must enter the password again, if they close the browser window.

Allowing Guest Access

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