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KB1172 - Submitting Audio for Moodle Assignments
Posted by John Love, Last modified by John Love on 14 June 2017 09:54 AM
VCC's Moodle service allows Instructors to create assignments for Students to record and submit audio.

Using the "Online Audio"  submission type in a Moodle Assignment activity, Teachers can allow Students to record and upload spoken audio as their submission for an assignment.

This is possible through a Moodle plugin called "Online Audio Recording"
More information on this plugin:


This plugin requires Flash, which is not supported on Apple iPad or iPhone devices, so users accessing the Moodle assignment using those devices will not be able to record audio.

(An alternative for those cases might be for the Instructor to allow file uploads on the same assignment. This would allow iPad users to record the audio directly on their device, and later upload the MP3 or M4A audio file to the assignment as a File Upload.)
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