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KB1178 - Using Course Tags
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by John Love on 14 March 2018 12:24 PM

Use a Moodle course tag to identify how the shell is currently used. You may find that, over time, your course shell develops from a simple student resource shell to a blended learning shell. If that happens, please remember to update your course tag.

Available course tags are shown below, with a short explanation of their use.

Use only one tag per Moodle shell.

Student accessible shells:

  • Student Resource/Repository only - contains only student course material covered in class and/or student grades
  • Blended - includes online student activities and/or course material that complement face-to-face activity or support independent study
  • Fully online- contains most or all of the student resources and activities of the course and students rarely or never meet in the classroom
  • SIE student project - project or practice shell for students of the School of Instructor Education

Employee only shells:

  • Department internal use only - accessed by department faculty and staff only
  • Non-academic (e.g. VCC Groups or Committees) - has no VCC student enrolments and is not intended 
  • Employee training - used for training VCC employees
  • Sandbox - used by VCC employees to practice Moodle
  • Other - anything that doesn't fit any of the other tags


  1. The only Moodle "activity" in the shell is the assignment activity which is used simply as an assignment drop-box for students to upload their completed work,. Use Student Resource/Repository only, because there's no real ONLINE activity taking place, only a file submission.
  2. The only Moodle "activity" in the shell is a forum where students are required to participate. Use Blended, because there in an online requirement for the course.
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