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KB1086 - How to ask eLearning Support for Help
Posted by John Love, Last modified by John Love on 20 July 2018 11:45 AM

You can contact the eLearning Support team at

Note: The more information you provide, the sooner and more efficiently we can help you.

When asking us for help with Moodle or other VCC educational technology, please tell us the following:

  • Which web browser (Make and version) you were using when the problem occurred
    (e.g. Firefox version 26, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
    Version information can be found under the "Help >> About" menu.
  • Which platform/device and operating system
    (A PC running Windows 7, a Mac with OSX, an iPad or another tablet.)
  • The URL of your Moodle course (if applicable)
    (Or even just the four-digit Moodle course ID in the URL, e.g. "view.php?id=1234")
  • Your name, department and other helpful contact information
    (e.g. your phone number or VCC local #)

If we cannot recreate your problem or see it for ourselves, it can be very difficult to resolve.
Simply reporting that something does not work won't give us enough information to investigate.
However telling us what *DOES* happen (e.g what you observe during the error) can be very helpful.

Please tell us as much as you can (step-by-step if necessary).

For example:

  • Did you try any troubleshooting, such as using a different browser or someone else's computer?
  • Were there any error messages or visible alerts that announced the problem?
  • Can you send us a screenshot or any other evidence? (See KB1145 and KB1087 for two easy ways to send a screenshot, if you're using Windows)
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