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KB1090 - Using BANNER auto-enrolment to enrol your students
Posted by Blair Friesen, Last modified by Blair Friesen on 06 December 2018 11:52 AM

One way of automatically enrolling your students into your Moodle course is using the BANNER auto-enrolment function.  Any student registered in your course in the BANNER system will be enrolled into the corresponding Moodle shell, via an overnight automated process.

Note that Auto-enrol only enrols in a course that has a start date (in BANNER) of 10 days before the course start date, or 10 days after the course start date.  In other words, there is an 21 day window in which the auto-enroll script will enroll students into a course shell.

For example if your course is set to begin on September 15, 2017, the script will run everyday from September 5 to September 25, inclusive.  Any students registered into your course in BANNER, before September 25 will be auto-enrolled. Any students registered on or after September 25st will need to use an enrolment key or be manually enrolled by a Teacher, Manager or Administrator.

If students are dropped from a course in BANNER, they are NOT removed from the Moodle shell. That must be done manually.

You must have sufficient access in order to set up a course shell to use auto-enrolment.  If while following the instructions below you find that you are unable to change the Course ID number field, then contact eLearning Support.

To set up Banner Auto-enrollment in your Moodle course:

From the main page of your course,

  1. Click on "Edit Settings" in the Administration menu.
  2. Under the General settings area, look for the Course ID number field.
  3. Enter the Term Code plus the CRN, as provided to you by the BANNER Scheduler, with no spaces between them.
    (For example, if your CRN is 98765 and your TERM code is 201440 you would enter 20144098765)
  4. Save your changes.

Note: This KB article is linked to the OTS Course.

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