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Moodle Spring Cleaning!
Posted by Blair Friesen on 09 April 2015 12:08 PM

Our Moodle server space is not infinite and occasionally we receive warnings that it is nearing capacity.  When this happens, we have to quickly delete courses or files to free up space.  We find courses that contain very large files -- usually video, audio or PowerPoint(tm) files -- and we contact the owner of the course to discuss what we can do with these files to clean them up.  We also search for old courses that haven't had recent activity and delete those.  These re-active measures can be stressful for us and the faculty members involved and definitely aren't ideal.

So, what can we do to be PRO-active? We ask that you assist us with this by:

  1. Deleting old courses (let DLSupport know which courses can be deleted*)
  2. Archiving old courses that you're not quite ready to delete (KB1096)
  3. Deleting old course backups (KB1091)
  4. Deleting User Private Backup files (KB1131)
  5. Cleaning out your Private Files (KB1132)
  6. Cleaning out legacy files (KB1133)


* Before contacting DLSupport with your request to have a course deleted, please FIRST find your Moodle course Id and include that in your request to ensure that the correct course is deleted.  Read KB1115 to find out more about your Moodle Course Id.

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