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DLSupport is changing its name!
Posted by Blair Friesen on 26 October 2017 02:26 PM

CID's Distributed Learning Support team ("DLSupport") is changing its name to eLearning Support — a more concise and modern description for what we do and who we help.

Over the coming months you'll come across both names while we transition all of our documentation, links, etc.

For now, you can still email or   better yet   submit a ticket at

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John Love
07 December 2017 09:57 AM
FYI, around the last week of November, we completed our name change for many of our online presences. This web-based portal, the CID web site, and much of our promotional material and forms and things now use our new name "eLearning Support" or the email address

(If you have old bookmarks or entries in your address book that still use "dlsupport", you should change them to the new address, and Our old addresses will redirect to the new ones for a little while longer, but not forever.)